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In The Garden With Spicy Vegan

Tomatoes on the vine for all your vegan fall dishes!

Tomatoes On The Vine

Spicy Vegan's try at gardening for all our yummy vegan dishes. Food from nature. Food of the gods. Yes please! These are just small tomatoes but they still taste so fresh and are great on pizza, salads, tempeh and tomato sandwiches, or even tomato sandwiches with vegenaise which how we usually eat them. 

Squash off the vine for all your fall dishes!

 Squash for all your vegan dishes.

Squash will be great for calabacitas, which is a squash dish traditional here to New Mexico. It contains: squash, New Mexico green chile, vegan cheese, and corn. New Mexico alabacitas
Cook the squash and corn in a pot. Then add the New Mexico green chile and vegan cheese last, once the squash and corn are cooked. You can also add zucchini. Voila you have a great fall vegan dish! 

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