FREE Worldwide Shipping


NOTE: We send our products directly from the manufacturer to make the shipping more environment-friendly and to keep the shipping costs down. Items may come in more than one shipment. Thank you for your patients. 

Below you can find all the estimated shipping times right now:

  • Asia  3-6 Weeks

  • Canada & Mexico 2-6 Weeks

  • United States 4-20 business days

  • Europe 2-6 Weeks

  • Australia 3-6 Weeks

Shipping Prices: Shipping to all countries is currently FREE. It could change in the near future, however, for now we are happy to offer FREE shipping.

  • Asia  3-6 Weeks- FREE

  • Canada & Mexico 2-6 Weeks- FREE

  • United States 4-20 business days- FREE

  • Europe 2-6 Weeks- FREE

  • Australia 3-6 Weeks- FREE